How Do I Know If My Procedure Is Working?

I have patients that I perform surgery on – things happen, I haven’t seen them, or they move out of town. They come back and ask me:

“I’m not having many issues at all…sometimes food gets stuck, but that’s it. But I know people who have had procedures and they commonly have problems. Do I have a problem?”

I tell them no – you’re probably just following recommendations as you’re supposed to. You’re cutting and chewing your food well. You may initially have had to think about it but now the habits are coming naturally. The fact that you’re not having problems losing weight is not a problem at all.

Unfortunately, bad news is more likely to be publicized and covered so the patients that are doing well are not being highlighted and are not going on chat rooms and posting that they are doing very well.

If you are having issues you should see your bariatric surgeon and find out what’s going on. Several things can be ameliorated just by recognizing patients are not doing simple things, like cutting their food in pieces that are small enough to get through for the procedure they had.

You should not be having lots of complications and issues after bariatric surgery.

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