If I Have to Change my Dietary Habits Anyway, Why Would I Need Surgery?

Any weight loss procedure or program will require you to change eating habits and lifestyle. Every one. You simply can’t keep eating ice cream and cookies thinking that this is going to work well for you. So why is surgery more successful? It’s simple, it will make you not think about food the same way. And if you’re not thinking about food – not thinking about cookies – you will be less likely to eat cookies.

Think about bariatric surgery like a nicotine patch. You try to quit smoking, but you have a hard time. What the nicotine patch will do for you is make you not crave or desire nicotine as much. Therefore it becomes easier to quit. But you still have to quit smoking. So you can’t quit smoking if you continue smoking. Nicotine patches and other products make you not crave the nicotine as much.

Bariatric procedures will not make you think about food in the same way. You will not be as hungry and you tend to reach satiety sooner, when you’re not as hungry. That’s why bariatric surgery is so much more successful than other procedures

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