Body Mass Index and Hip Waist Ratio

There are two important measurements to consider when facing a battle for your health with weight loss. Body mass index and hip waist ratio are both important indicators that can teach you to evaluate your current health and predict the difficulties you may face.

Hip waist ratio is the ratio between the circumference of your waist and the circumference of your hips. When you divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement, you get your waist hip ratio.

If you are a woman, your ratio should be .8 or less. If you are a man you want a ratio of .95 or less. Anything higher than your desired ratio puts you at risk for obesity, metabolic syndrome and other health issues.

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of the mass of your body. By evaluating your height and weight the body mass index formula determines what your overall body fat is. There are different levels of healthy to unhealthy BMI numbers, but overall your BMI should be 25 or less.

Keep tabs of these two measurements to successfully track your health and progress when losing weight after weight loss surgery. Remember that weight loss is about regaining your health and not just about the number of pounds you lose so that you keep your progress in the right perspective.

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