Gain Control of Emotions After Weight Loss Surgery

Gain Control of Emotions After Weight Loss SurgeryGoing through a weight loss surgery can cause various changes to your body, emotional health, and overall view of your current situation. You may feel overwhelmed when you start to lose weight, and there may be a ripple effect that impacts all of the different areas of your life. Although you can expect several changes, it is also important to be cautious about your eating habits. You want to avoid emotional eating so that you can see greater weight loss results.

Take It Slow

The challenges that arise and the changes that will occur can seem overwhelming, so a simple way to avoid emotional eating is to take it slow. Take one step at a time and do not allow the future to overwhelm your plans and goals for the present.

Start with small changes, like going for a short walk when you feel overwhelmed or talking to loved ones when you have fears to address. The small changes can have a positive impact on your overall ability to recover and regain your health.

Talk About Your Concerns

It can be tempting to turn to food for comfort when you are afraid, overwhelmed, or simply sad. You should expect some fears, concerns or negative emotions to arise when you are healing. A weight loss surgery is a major change, and it will have an impact that may last for a lifetime. Your bariatric practice should be there to assist you so this impact will be a good one.

Talking to a loved one, your doctor, or a counseling professional can help. You can discuss your concerns and gain a new perspective on the situation, which is particularly helpful when you have short-term emotions to address.

Find Healthy Coping Strategies

Some folks used to eat to copy with stressful situations. Normally those eating habits are part responsible for obesity. You want to avoid eating to handle your emotions, but that means you must find alternative ways to cope with the stress, emotions, and problems that arise as you heal and lose weight. Instead of eating, try meditating or deep breathing. You can also exercise, read a book, music, movies, or enjoy a personal hobby.

Emotional eating can have a negative impact on your weight loss results, and it does not address the underlying cause of weight gain. Instead of eating, find alternative ways to handle the emotions and stress that will arise as you heal.

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