Letting Go of Busyness after Bariatric Surgery

Letting Go of Busyness after Bariatric SurgeryWhat is so great about being busy? It seems like busyness is part of the standard American routine. You wake up and go to work, run errands on the way home, manage to make a healthy meal, help the kids with homework, and then attempt to get to bed before midnight so you can start over the next day. When anything outside of this norm attempts to enter your schedule the all-too-familiar excuse forms a barrier: “Sorry, I’m just too busy.”

There is nothing wrong with filling your schedule with things that are necessary or enjoyable. The problem is that most of us have schedules packed to the brim. We volunteer out of guilt, make plans because there was no excuse not to and get roped into projects that we have no earthly interest in completing. When all of these secondary tasks start crowding out the most important things in life, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate where all the busyness is stemming from.

Part of the commitment you make with weight loss surgery is to devote more time to personal wellness every day. Keeping up with regular visits at your bariatric surgeon isn’t enough to push you all the way to your optimal weight loss goals. Personal wellness needs to be a priority in your life. This includes making time in your schedule for fitness, planning and having healthy meals and engaging in an overall healthier lifestyle.

For many people the problem with busyness isn’t necessarily an over-packed schedule, but instead the notion that you always have to be doing something. There’s an old saying that “idle hands are the devil’s playthings.” You may not think you subscribe to this, but the desire to be busy at all times is pervasive.

What would happen to your schedule if you stopped rushing through your day? What if you stopped telling yourself, your friends and your children how busy you are? Everyone has the same amount of hours in each day. How you approach each hour can change the way you think of your time.

Learning better time management skills can take you far in developing strategies to lose weight and improve your health. As you develop the skills to overcome busyness, do your best to push the word out of your vocabulary. Make time for things that matter to you most and stop letting unimportant tasks rush you through life. Your health will benefit from it. It is time for you to bring you and your health to the front burner and make it a priority.

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