Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight GainAfter  weight loss surgery you require new routines and significant lifestyle changes to reap the weight loss and health benefits. But between food-centric celebrations and the disruptions to your routine, the holidays can be a challenge.

Here are a few ideas to keep you on track and avoid weight gain at the holidays:

1. Exercise first thing in the morning.

By scheduling exercise early, you can be more sure that it won’t fall by the wayside as social obligations pile up. As an added bonus, research shows that morning exercise can help avoid cravings later in the day. It doesn’t have to be a fancy gym or schedule. Something like 10-minute walk, a stairway, or light weights can do the job. Be active.

2. Be choosy at the holiday buffet.

Instead of picking up a little bit of everything, look through all the choices. Selecting one or two items that you really want is better than eating something that you really don’t care for. Pick small portions of each and don’t go back to the buffet until you’ve eaten them. Give yourself twenty minutes so your brain can register satisfaction.

3. Arrange alternative gatherings.

Instead of a cocktail party, why not have a holiday ornament crafting party? Bring a thermos of tea for a walk down chilly paths instead of meeting for coffee and pastries. By keeping the social connections but avoiding having them centered around food, you can reduce the chances of mindlessly eating while enjoying the company of friends.

4. Eat before you go.

If you are going to a party where you know there will be lots of cookies, cakes, and high-calorie snacks, have a meal before leaving. Choose something high in protein so that you feel full and satisfied and more able to stick to your eating plan.

Staying on track and avoiding weight gain during the holidays requires creativity, willpower, and planning. But by making some arrangements in advance, you can make smarter choices and keep up your progress toward a healthier weight and more satisfying lifestyle.

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