I was born heavy. People have opinions that if you’re overweight you’re lazy, and that’s what happens to a lot of us. The appearance is what people judge you by and that’s in everything. I’ve always tried to do something about it but as I got older, the older I got it seemed like the harder it was for me to lose weight.

I’ve done Weight Watchers, just everything… you know the fads, you name it pretty much I’ve done it. You can’t live life you know with a measuring cup and a set of scales in your hands all the time, you like to go places, you like to go on vacation, you go on a cruise are you going to sit there at the table with a set of scales and a measuring cup? You’re not going to do it. You’ve got to learn how to control that on your own.

How did you decide on the gastric sleeve surgery?

I started checking around over a period of a couple of years, and you know of course I didn’t have insurance so that was a big issue because we’re taught that if you don’t have insurance the world comes to an end. But that’s not true. You can have things done without insurance, and I had my surgery performed without the insurance. Basically what I had to do is you know gather up my nickels and dimes and start paying for it. And Dr. Baptista has helped me with it; he used a clinic that was more affordable than the regular hospital. Just all of it together brought the price down. And with his help and the help of his staff I was able to save some money, and it worked out good for me.

I just looked at the difference ones available and I just decided that the sleeve was the best thing for me. It wasn’t as drastic in my opinion as a complete bypass, but then again it reduced the amount of food and stuff that you could eat and it provided a good tool to help me to stay within I needed to eat. So whichever one you decide to have you have to remember that it is a tool to help you, it’s not a fix.

What results have you seen from gastric sleeve surgery?

I’ve lost probably about 90 pounds*, and I’m happy with what I’m at. I could lose a few more pounds I guess, but just like I told Dr. Baptista if I do great, if I don’t it’s been years since I’ve worn a size 38 pants. I like to dance so I can dance most of the night without doing much huffing and puffing, I can pretty well hold my own on that so I’m proud of that.

Its worked pretty well for me. You know sometimes we all have our pity parties, you know sometimes you say well why me, but then again at the same time you set your goals and you have your priorities. So this has worked for me, it’s what I wanted to do and I would definitely do the same thing again if I needed to. I just say to anybody out there if you’ve got issues there’s no time like today to start working on whatever your choice may be. But time waits on nobody.

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