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I have three children so we’d go to theme parks a lot, and we waited in line for a ride and I got on there and the guy looks at me and goes your too fat get off. That was like the biggest embarrassment of my life. That’s what turned – I was got to change this. I’ve tried every diet in the book, Weight Watchers, Metabolic , I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to lose weight, nothing has ever worked for me because I couldn’t stick to it. It’s always okay I lost 20 pounds but then you gain 40 back.

I mean I’m a kindergarten teacher so doing a lot of things with them I couldn’t do before. I would go outside to play with them and you could only do it for a few minutes, you can’t do it for a long period of time because your weight hinders your breathing and moving and getting up and down and doing other things. Well in February I went to a seminar just to see what had changed because I had heard about the sleeve, and at the end of the seminar Dr. Baptista was like I’m having a contest everybody should enter. So I entered it, there was like this long thing online you had to fill out all these questions about how it hindered your life and how it would change your life. I got the phone call and literally cried for hours. I chose the sleeve because of all the research I’ve done. it’s not a convenience like in my opinion the band, if I want him to take the water out he will and then I can do anything I want. But with the sleeve its permanent, it’s done and there’s no way around it.

Eight Weeks after Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

I’ve changed a lot, I’ve lost 63 pounds* and I’ve lost 32 inches* all over my body. Actually 8 weeks today, it’s really vast. So I can do anything I want now.

Oh I eat different, I cook different, I go to the gym every day and do Zumba. Doesn’t matter what time it is I still go. Literally all day long I’m drinking water and drinking, and before I would probably go all day and not drink or eat all day. Just eat dinner, that’s it. And then I would eat a snack before I went to bed which is bad, and that’s where I went wrong.

I cook every night and its more fresh vegetables then it is canned vegetables, its more protein than it is carbs. We use a lot of substitutes now for potatoes, for pasta, for rice instead of eating all that carbs and all that stuff we eat like spaghetti squash or cauliflower or different things like that. Beets instead of potatoes, just different things. Its opened my eyes to a whole new world that I didn’t know was there. We don’t fry anything, we bake it, we grill it, roast it, crock pot.

What does your future look like after Sleeve Gastrectomy?

My future oh gosh, I’m gonna be able to do anything. This has been like the life changing event that I thought would never come true in my life, and I think God truly blessed me with winning this contest. I believe my Grandmother had a hand in it because the day before she passed away she called me and told me, she was against this whole contest the whole time, and the day before she passed away she called me and she’s like I want you to know I voted for you, it’s the last thing I did today. I voted for you, and the next morning she died. So I honestly feel that God had a hand in that, and when he took her from me he knew I was going to win this contest and be able to change my life and be there for my kids and my grandkids and watch everybody grow up and be happy and healthy.

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Linda E

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