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Learning from Setbacks

Posted In: Obesity By Michael Baptista

American culture puts so much emphasis on winning that it is often hard for people to recognize that they can learn just as much from setbacks as they can from success. People who decide to have bariatric surgery after struggling to control their weight with diet programs or weight loss medications are familiar with setbacks. […]



Emotional Eating and Weight Loss

Posted In: Obesity By Michael Baptista

For many people, emotional eating is at the core of their weight gain. Emotional eaters, or people who turn to food to deal with emotions, tend to take in far more calories than they need because they’re using their emotions, rather than their body’s natural hunger, as their guide. Emotional eaters also tend to reach […]



Going through a weight loss surgery can cause various changes to your body, emotional health, and overall view of your current situation. You may feel overwhelmed when you start to lose weight, and there may be a ripple effect that impacts all of the different areas of your life. Although you can expect several changes, […]

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