Well-Being After Weight Loss Surgery

Well-Being After Weight Loss SurgeryAfter a weight loss surgery, it can be important to find ways to improve your health and general well-being. Although Dr. Baptista has made recommendations and provided you with a guideline that can provide the first steps toward improving your health and healing, it is important to start developing your own healthy habits as quickly as possible.

Go on Regular Walks.

Physical fitness is an important part of conditioning your body and muscles. It will also assist in reducing your weight and gaining a healthy body. On the first few weeks after your weight loss surgery, you should avoid a rigorous exercise routine. Instead, begin with short walks around the house.

Gradually increase the amount of time that you are walking. By starting with a regular walk, it is easier to reach your fitness goals over a period of time.

Stretch to Improve Flexibility.

Stretching can help improve your flexibility and encourage your body to remain as limber as possible. Gently stretch after walking as a way to cool down.  Although many people stretch before exercising, stretching cold muscles and ligaments can be damaging so warm them up first.

Start with easy stretches and increase the amount of time that is spent in stretching as you become more flexible.

Eat a Healthy Diet.

A surgeon will make suggestions for a dietary plan after a surgery, but you will also need to identify the healthy food items that you can tolerate. Opt for lean protein sources and vegetables. Substantially reduce or limit carbohydrates from your diet and always pay special attention to your portion sizes.

Since the surgery can make it hard to eat solid foods at first, follow the guidelines that are set by a surgeon. Eat small portions throughout the day and gradually add solid foods according to the diet progression guidelines provided by your bariatric surgeon, Dr. Baptista.

There are a variety of ways that you can improve your health, but the key is to focus on a well-balanced diet and an exercise routine that can help strengthen the body. Discuss any health concerns with your surgical support team before making adjustments to your exercise routine or diet plan that you are not sure about.

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Well-Being After Weight Loss Surgery