Dr. Michael Baptista

Dr Michael Baptista Jacksonville bariatric surgeonMichael Baptista, MD specializes in weight loss surgery and management of the patients before and after surgery. He understands the multifactorial problem of obesity, and the surgical options for it.

Dr. Baptista has had extensive training in general surgery, and bariatric surgery with focus in minimally invasive surgery having performed thousands of weight loss surgery procedures. His past training also extends to the areas of general surgery, stomach surgery, thoracic surgery, and surgical research. Besides his general surgery and bariatric surgery training he also did a fellowship in Robotic Surgery, and Minimally Invasive Surgery. One of his expertise is to perform surgery using only one special trocar and instruments at the belly button, leaving a scar that is almost invisible when it is healed up. He uses this advance technique for several surgeries such as gallbladders, appendix, hernias, and most of his bariatric surgeries. Dr. Baptista has been trained in several prestigious top medical institutions both in Brazil and in the USA, like University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, Rush University, and University of Illinois at Chicago. He is also a consultant and proctor in bariatric surgery, teaching colleagues that are interested in the field of weight loss surgery. Dr. Baptista is a published author in the field and has given many courses, both on how to perform bariatric surgery, and how to follow up with patients afterwards.

The patient care at Florida Surgical Physicians before, during and after surgery is second to none. The practice uses state-of-art equipment to evaluate and properly optimize patient’s success. Dr. Baptista doesn’t just operate on his patients, he takes care of them. He oversees the details related to patient care. His patients are provided with his personal cellular phone number in case they need to contact him with any questions or needs related to their weight loss operation. This provides a “peace of mind to the patients and to me,” he says. “Knowing my patients are well is important to me as much it is to them, and their families.”

Hospital Affiliation:

Dr. Baptista is affiliated with the Bariatric Center of Excellence Memorial Hospital Jacksonville, one of the leading bariatric surgery facilities in the United States. Memorial Hospital received the prestigious Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric surgery by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. Memorial recognizes the needs of patients and surgeons alike and Dr. Baptista is proud to call Memorial a partner in his practice.

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