Success Stories

    I bent over to pick up my infant son from his crib and I felt a disc pop in my back. After I blew my back out everything became very very difficult. I was a fairly active guy, I owned a home at the time, you know did all the usually housekeeping kind […]

I was born heavy. People have opinions that if you’re overweight you’re lazy, and that’s what happens to a lot of us. The appearance is what people judge you by and that’s in everything. I’ve always tried to do something about it but as I got older, the older I got it seemed like the […]

It’s been a problem for about 10 to 12 years, and I started on some hormone therapy and started putting on a lot of weight, and then I was very stressed out and I’m a stress eater so I would eat and eat and before I knew it I was almost 180 pounds and I’m […]

Sisters with LAP-BANDs, Gail and Debbie share their experiences as they struggled with weight gain together and then succeeded losing weight and keeping it off for the last two years with the help of Dr. Baptista and gastric band surgery When you get older and after children, we just gained weight. I had done everything […]

August 2nd will be three months. I’m down 70 pounds, I came to see Dr. Baptista on my monthly visit and he saw me coming through his window, and he’s like your clothes are falling off of you. I’m like I know, so he laughed at me. [Read more]

Just 8 weeks after Linda Edwards shares her experience at Florida Surgical Physicians where she received the Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. [Read more]

At 5’4″ and 270 pounds, Linda had given up on trying to lose weight until her husband gave her a new way to think about her health. Now, after 7 years of weight maintenance Linda can’t imagine her life any other way. [Read more]

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, Elmore shares his experience about his illness and the effect that Gastric Band surgery has had on returning him to health. [Read more]

A compulsive eater since the age of 14, Debora shares her experience with the gastric band weight loss surgery and how it helped her resolve yo-yo dieting and a serious sugar addiction. [Read more]

Most diet plans were hard for me to stick to long term; I would lose weight and always gained it back-plus more. After years of yo-yo dieting I topped the scales at 206 Lbs, at 5’4″ with a BMI of 35.4 and had actually given up on losing weight. Then I learned about the gastric […]

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