How to Eat During the Holidays After Bariatric Surgery

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Embracing the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time. Nothing beats enjoying family and friends during this special time. But for bariatric patients, it can be a challenging time to stick to your weight loss goals. Luckily, this year we’ve written a helpful guide for you to follow during the holiday season. We hope by the end that you’ll feel confident going into Thanksgiving and Christmas using the strategies we’ve outlined here. Holiday meals after gastric surgery don’t have to be scary. With our guide, we hope holiday meals will be even more enjoyable than before. We have tips on how to enjoy the food and not feel guilty about it. Remember, it is not the food we enjoy. It is the company we should be celebrating. 

Make Healthy Substitutions 

Healthy substitutions are a fantastic way to stick to a healthy lifestyle this season. There are plenty of dishes you can make with healthy additions or subtractions too. When you can’t substitute, or make a healthier choice, maybe it is best to forgo the dish altogether and try something different that is more in line with your weight loss goal.   

Prioritize Exercise

Holidays often involve extensive travel itineraries and family events, however, it’s essential during this time to stay on top of your exercise regimen. It comes as no shock that the holiday season is one of the most common for people to become more sedentary. Rather than loosen your belt buckle, go for a walk or do some simple strength training instead. If you have any questions about appropriate workouts, please consult with your medical team.

Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plan ahead for what you should be eating and what you should avoid. It’s easy to eat mindlessly, especially when the table is full of side dishes and a plethora of desserts. So, eat slowly and methodically, bringing your awareness to each bite. Paying more attention to what you’re eating can help you realize when you overeat. Be grateful for each taste, taking the time to appreciate the symphony of flavors dancing along your palette. Our most successful patients practice mindful eating as a way of life. Give mindful eating a try this season. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

We all struggle now and then. There is no shame in having one too many treats if you recognize it and get yourself back on track. When we beat ourselves up over our mistakes, we adopt an “all is lost” mentality. With this mindset, we decide to indulge ourselves even more than we would have initially. If you make a poor choice, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, be kind to yourself and do your best to adjust the course and get back to living a healthy lifestyle. These micro-adjustments aren’t just suitable for the holidays; they’re good throughout your weight loss journey. 

If you need more help navigating your weight loss journey, contact us to see how we can get you back on track to living your healthiest life possible. 

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How to Eat During the Holidays After Bariatric Surgery