Prepare for Bariatric Surgery

Prepare for Bariatric SurgeryWeight loss surgery is an extremely effective treatment for people with obesity. However, to get the most benefit from weight loss surgery, you must prepare for the procedure properly. Below are some tips for patients who are planning to undergo a bariatric surgery in order to lose weight.

Before the Surgery

Inform your employer.

Before your surgery, you must inform your employer of the procedure and request time off work to recover. Talk to your doctor to find out exactly how much time you will need.

Prepare for after-care.

You may need assistance from family or friends before, after, and during your stay in the hospital. Make arrangements in advance for someone to transport you to and from the hospital, care for your children, and/or help you after you return home.

Follow your doctor’s instructions.

In the days and weeks leading up to your surgery, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Preparing for weight loss surgery may require you to undergo preoperative tests, complete a registration process, and change your diet before the surgery. You will also need to stop all eating and drinking a certain number of hours before the procedure.

The Day of the Surgery

Know what to expect.

Surgery is always stressful, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Reduce your anxiety by knowing what to expect on the day of your procedure. Read all of the documentation your doctor provides and ask any questions you may have well in advance.

Arrive on time.

Arrive at the hospital on time in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If traffic or weather conditions are unpredictable, consider leaving your home earlier than you normally would.

After the Surgery

Follow post-operative instructions.

When you are discharged from the hospital, Dr. Baptista will provide you with written post-operative instructions. Follow these instructions carefully to reduce the chances of complications. He will include a prescription for pain and nausea medication if you need. He will also write his personal cell phone number in the back of his card so you can reach him in case of questions or concerns.

Allow friends and family to help you.

You will be asked to ambulate to prevent clots and prevent abdominal distention. Allow loved ones to provide assistance until you have recovered completely. Depending on the kind of surgery you will be having, you may leave the hospital in the same day of your surgery. To be discharge from the hospital or surgery center it is required that you have a family member or friend picking you up and having someone staying with you overnight.

Make lifestyle changes.

Although weight loss surgery will help to treat your obesity, you should also make other changes in your life to improve your health and facilitate weight loss. After recovering from the surgery, you will need to follow a nutritious diet and begin an exercise regimen in order to maximize your results.

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